celebrate Easter with Maria's Mom's

Every year the Easter Bunny visits Maria's Mom's Bakery. 

The Easter Bunny remembers each and every child as the years go on, and we have children growing up visiting year after year. We specialize in a sensitive Easter Bunny for children and families with special needs. Our business is aware of family needs and we welcome your family into our safe and caring environment. Contact us for additional information. 

2019 Easter Bunny Dates: TBD

While you're at the bakery, pick up some of Maria's beautifully decorated cakes and cookies for your Easter baskets and table. Our Easter specials include:

  • Easter bread (iced & plain)

  • Ham and meat pies

  • St. Joseph's Cakes (Zeppole)

  • Italian rice pies

  • Ricotta cheese pies

  • Decorative fondant cookies

  • Cross sugar cookies